How many AHSE credits do I need to graduate?

You need 28 credits of AHSE courses (that is, courses in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences fields or in the Entrepreneurship field).  Of those courses, 12 credits must be specifically in the AHS field. In addition, you need to take predefined foundation courses in both AHS and Entrepreneurship before graduation.

How many courses do I need to take in my AHS concentration?

If you complete a Capstone project, you only need two courses plus that capstone to make up a concentration. If you choose to take another course instead of doing a capstone project, you need to take three related AHS courses to make up a concentration.

Which courses at other schools count toward my AHS credits?

Refer to the “Official Coloring List” on the StAR website list to see whether your course at another institution is already colored. If it has no associated color, complete a course substitution form and submit it to the StAR Center for CSTB approval. This step must be completed before you start the class for the class to count toward your required credits.

What if I want my AHS foundation course to be a part of my concentration?

No problem! If you want to use your foundation as one of the three courses in your concentration, you need to take another foundation course to fulfill the foundation requirement. Contact to discuss how to get permission to do this.

Does my AHS Capstone project fulfill the Olin Self Study requirement?

Yes, it does! This is one of the many benefits of choosing to complete the optional Capstone project as part of your AHS concentration. For more information on the Capstone, click here.

How do I know who my AHS advisor is?

Your AHS advisor is the professor you had for your Firstyear Foundation course. Gillian Epstein is the advisor for students who enrolled in a course taught by a visiting professor. Students may also direct questions to if their advisor is not available.

How do I cross-register into AHS or E! classes at other institutions?

Olin has partnerships with Babson, Wellesley, and Brandeis that allows students to cross-register into classes. To cross-register, go to, click on the MyStAR tab, select "Cross Registration" from the left menu, and fill out the "Cross Registration Request". This is a simple one-page form that asks for information about the student and the class the student is interested in.

How do I get approval for my AHS concentration?

In the spring semester of your sophomore year, you will be asked to submit a survey declaring your concentration. If you miss the deadline or change your plans, email with details on the twelve credits of connected coursework (or eight credits and capstone) and how they connect.

Who do I contact with questions about the Entrepreneurship curriculum at Olin?

Email Lawrence Neeley with any questions about Entrepreneurship at Olin.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

You can contact the AHS Committee at or your AHS advisor with any further questions.