Who We Are

Jonathan Adler

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Jon is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Olin. His research focuses on identity development in adulthood and mental health. He teaches an AHS Foundation course called “Identity from the Mind and the Brain,” which asks students to examine psychological, neuroscientific, and philosophical approaches to the topic of identity. He teaches a range of upper-level AHS courses focused on psychological topics. Jon also has a background in theater and has directed over ten plays, including one at Olin, with a cast composed of students, faculty, and staff. You can reach Jon at Jonathan.Adler@olin.edu.

Diana Dabby

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Music Program Director

As a concert pianist Diana has performed in Weill (Carnegie) Recital Hall, Merkin Concert Hall, Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall, Tanglewood, and abroad. Her works have been heard at Tanglewood, Jordan Hall, Distler Performance Hall, Seoul Youngsan Art Hall, and various colleges and universities in the US and abroad. Combining electrical engineering and music, she devised a technique for creating musical variation which has been featured in Science, the Boston Globe, and on NPR. You can contact Diana at Diana.Dabby@olin.edu.

Helen Donis-Keller

Professor of Biology and Art and Michael E. Moody Professor

Professor Donis-Keller is the Michael E. Moody Professor and Professor of Biology and Art. She finds that her experiences as a biologist and visual artist inform each other in important ways and she enjoys sharing her interpretation of the natural world through her art projects (HelenDonis-Keller.com). Professor Donis-Keller has helped to map the human genome and has studied how genetic mutations give rise to hereditable disorders. Her biology research at Olin has focused on the genomics of viruses of soil bacteria. Professor Donis-Keller can be reached by emailing Helen.Donis-Keller@olin.edu.

Gillian Epstein

Consultant in Writing

Gillian is Olin’s Writing Consultant and has an academic background in English and American Literature. She teaches AHS Capstone, AHS Preparatory Capstone, and Critical Reflective Writing. Gillian also mentors an eclectic variety of IS and OSS projects, and offers writing workshops within the AHS Foundation as well as to seniors applying for opportunities beyond Olin. Gillian has become very interested in partnering with students to develop their personal and professional narratives, leveraging critical reflection to explore and articulate unique motivations and strengths. You can reach Gillian by email at Gillian.Epstein@olin.edu.

Caitrin Lynch

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Caitrin is an Associate Professor of Anthropology. She teaches an AHS Foundation course called “The Human Connection” and enjoys bringing students into the community on fieldwork adventures to engage with locals and understand the experiences and values of people who students might not normally meet. Caitrin spends a lot of time thinking about experiences of aging in the United States and abroad, she co-teaches “Engineering for Humanity,” an AHS and Engineering integrated course that partners students with local senior citizens for user-oriented design projects, and she is the author of the book Retirement on the Line: Age, Work, and Value in an American Factory. Caitrin’s office hours are at http://caitrinwiki.wikispaces.com/OfficeHours and her email address is Caitrin.Lynch@olin.edu.

Rob Martello

Professor of the History of Science and Technology

Rob is a Professor of the History of Science and Technology, and teaches a foundation course on the topic. A die-hard fan of America’s Revolutionary Era, he wrote a book (Midnight Ride, Industrial Dawn) about Paul Revere’s many technical and entrepreneurial endeavors and is now researching Benjamin Franklin’s adventures as an apprentice and an artisan printer. Rob believes the engineers who understand and make use of the historical, social, and ethical context of their creations will leave their mark upon the world. He encourages all students to take interdisciplinary classes such as The ‘Stuff’ of History and Paradigms, Predictions, and Joules. You can reach Rob by email at Robert.Martello@olin.edu.

Lynn Andrea Stein

Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science
Associate Dean and Director of the Collaboratory
Director of the Computers and Cognition Laboratory

Lynn is a Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science and the Director of the Collaboratory, Olin’s mission to help transform engineering education at other institutions. She also chairs the Engineering Program Group, helping students to create their own pathways through Olin. Lynn teaches an AHS foundation course called “What is I?” as well as design and computing courses; she is very interested in helping students to direct their own learning. Lynn’s research includes artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and assistive technology for older adults, and she is a member of the Aging Research Group. Lynn can be contacted by email at las@olin.edu.

Maruta Vitols

Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Visiting Lecturer

Maruta is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Studies, and teaches foundation courses on a variety of topics relating to the media. Her research is in the fields of cinema, cyberactivism, art, and ideology, and she recently published a paper that appears in Border Visions: Identity and Diaspora in Film. She can be reached by email at Maruta.Vitols@olin.edu.