AHS at Olin

AHS courses, short for Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, are intended to broaden the education of students at Olin. In addition to more traditional courses in STEM fields, students are encouraged to spend time exploring disciplines such as art, music, philosophy, history, and languages. This website is intended to walk you through the AHS curriculum at Olin and answer any questions you may have. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you may email the AHS faculty at ahs@olin.edu.

Graduation Requirements

1.       You need 28 AHSE! credits to graduate.

2.       12 of those credits must be in AHS.

3.       You must take both a foundation AHS course and a foundation E! course.

4.       You must declare a concentration in either AHS or E!.

AHS Advisors

Each student is assigned an AHS advisor upon entering Olin.

  • Your advisor is the professor who taught your AHS Foundation course.
  • Gillian Epstein is the AHS advisor for students who had a visiting professor.

Your AHS advisor is a resource for you to ask about all things AHS, including concentration questions, class recommendations, and potential AHS-related research opportunities. Your advisors love to hear from you, so don’t wait too long to connect with them!